Goal: let's get the largest / longest thread on the #fediverse. Feel free to comment / discuss whatever you want in this thread (except for harassment, promotion of fascism, and other crappy stuff), I just want to see how long a thread can get, and what issues #Mastodon, #Pleroma, #Misskey, and others will run into when seeing a thread this big.

Posting images, video, "GIF's", and audio are all also appreciated. The more the better!


So, I should try to toot something smart but I just want to participate in trying to crash some random #activitypub code 😁
Also, here's something about #elonmusk

@p @1iceloops123 @DashEquals @Extarys @ZW748VSJSiwWMNBxyz @ddeevviiaanntt @didnt1able @dielan @jack @matrix @nepfag @nosleep @orekix @sjw If I could arrange a transporter "accident" with Jerry Ryan I would. Don't even get me started on the holodeck. Fuck, Starfleet would have me mining dilithium on Altiear 6 for perversion.
@sjw no i can only reply to one person and its fake and gay
@sjw i would go to your instance but i'm to lazy and its almost nap time

@selea wanna take part here, but please don'T @ me. Do not!


no worries, it was a nice and calm evening. I slept like a kid :)

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