I'm disappointment in peer tube. You can correct me, but i think its a federated version of youtube. My beef is that its the wild west. I recently clicked on a vid, and it was a bunch of people stabbing a woman to death. If I could erase that from my mind, i would. wtf is wrong with people? Anyway, think im going to steer clear of peer tube. It seems lawless.



Sadly, you have to pick an instance with active moderators and a good policy.
I am running a Peertube instance, and I have choosen very carefully which instances my instance federate with. I actually get some good quality content.

Also, you can't have too high expectations with a software that is less than one year old in a market that is basically dominated by one player.


You can either help by watching good videos on peertube suchs as @art or @chriswere. Or start producing content yourself :)

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