He means to say there will be no house/apartment for rental.

It is referring to anti capitalist

@selea @crepuscularCanid


Well, that is not what is written, I guess @crepuscularCanid@queer.party have to clarify it

Haha, John,

What sense did you understand this ? 😀


@selea @crepuscularCanid


Well, not everyone is able to buy their own house/apartment, and from what I have seen - the government is not the best one to keep apartment/houses up to standard compared to supposed capitalist companies while the price where basically the same.


My initial thought is same as yours and wondered some time.

Maybe, if house/apartment are not built to rent but just live for oneself, could it be logic for the price to become affordable ?

So common people afford their own place?

I no expert in anticapitalist. Just my basic knowledge

@selea @crepuscularCanid


You mean that it would be subsidized by the government? Fair enough!
Personally, I would rather not own my apartment - yet. Because my landlord does fix all my kitchen appliances and most of the thing if something breaks in my apartment :P

That's perk in living in rental space.

There are number pro for rental like low initial cost, living at 2nd home at city, instantly available, etc.

I live in my dad old house. Last one week, I've put with water pump issue with electricians, plumber , etc.

Maintaining is handful but doable.
No, Renting Isn't Throwing Your Money Away
https://invidio.us/watch?v=QkK-MjUPQcU @selea

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Anticapitalist are just bunch of cry babies, crying they got money but we don't.


In a way, it makes sense but not always.

Take me, I am happy with what I've as I am minimalist.

I do dislike large corporation whopping consumers.

@inditoot @selea

@noor @selea

minimalist has nothing to do with it, and big corporations give Jobs to thousands of people and pay taxes.
You will do the same if your company become big.
And it's the only system that work, we can see socialism in Venezuela.

I've been shopping Amazon since 2014.

This year, I start feeling guilty of contributing to Amazon revenue.

Only very recently I came to understand of anti capitalism, even though I've been against large corporation.

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@noor @selea

There is some serious amount of work need to doen regarding online business and privacy of user. We need law there are some step have been taken to stop the monopoly.

About my company/business, I am in deep thought of restructuring into cooperative. So I no long be only owner.

Since 2003, I've been dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, having my own business and large wealth.

Nowadays, I am changing the dream to desire to certain amount of asset/wealth for myself.

No longer desire for large money.

@inditoot @selea
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