Which website we should use to collect fund for Pixelfed?

@noor lol I am talking about collecting money not promoting.

Haha, I was kidding about using Twitter for fund raising


@noor I get that but I am confused which service to use

These are better than my suggested.

A few issues.

Indian user base familiarity and usability of these international payment processing is less.

Indian government restricts sending any money out of country. So many debit card or internet banking are useless.

Domestic payment services are widely used here, so I suggested.

@selea @inditoot

@noor @selea

Liberapay uses Stripe and PayPal, PayPal is completely work in India but people don't like subscription model that much here.

And Libra pay also want user to register to donate which is another issue I guess

2 reasons,1) this account is not well known to crowd2) donors are viable to use this service@inditoot @selea
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