What is the 's oppinion on ?
How is the package support and hardware support?



@selea @finlaydag33k

Also as a sidenote: Arch has systemd by default, MX Linux does not.


Yes, but it is sort of beyond most why such outcry out of it.

Care to elaborate? I don't understand why systemd is a bad thing?

Then why is there an outcry about it?
I'm kinda lost... here .-.


Those opposing it consider it a "slap in the face to the Unix philosophy" ... (but muh Unix philosophy!11!)

or 'that it is a "second kernel" that is "spreading all across the Linux ecosystem".

From Reddit:

Also Linux' father Linus Torvalds has no problems about systemd.


There are many who defend it:

"systemd is also a big opportunity for Linux standardization. Since it standardizes many interfaces of the system that previously have been differing on every distribution, on every implementation, adopting it helps to work against the balkanization of the Linux interfaces.

Choosing systemd means redefining more closely what Linux platform is about. This improves the lifes of programmers, users & administrators alike."

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