Hello everyone,

Tetaneutral's datacenter in which one of our main server is hosted for free has a power failure so expect some of our services to be down, we hope they will be back online soon! In the meantime thanks for your patience :x

Thx a lot to tetaneutral for their support and good luck to them ❀️



You should consider making it possible for other to mirror your repository :)

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@selea Well we basically have little experience with Debian packaging and repositories in general ... Feel free to write / share a tutorial on how to setup a mirror if you know how to :/


You already have forge.yunohost.org, basically the only thing you need to add is an rsync-daemon that gives read-only access to the mirror.
Then the mirrors can do the rest. I do run my own mirror (mirror.linux.pizza).

I can help you by guiding you if you want, I am in the yunohost support room on matrix (@jonathanselea:matrix.org)

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