Do I hear my inner self say "you should have used xmpp" ?

@lucy got hacked, for the second time in 24 hours.

@selea dear hackers, please don't touch my servers :blobfearful:

@selea @lucy

Many dev Said matrix has alot of security issues

XMPP is alot better

@inditoot @selea > webrtc
imagine not using websites as software like a sane person

it would have been awesome if xmpp had some good ui with Webrtc support

@lucy @selea

@inditoot @lucy @selea
>good ui
agreed, there's only really one client with a decent ui

>webrtc support
fuck webrtc

>agreed, there's only really one client with a decent ui


>fuck webrtc
can i know why? it would be great for video calling or any other method for that

I didnt like Jitsi intregation

@lucy @selea

@inditoot @lucy @selea fuck all web browser technologies past 2010

the web browser isnt an app platform

Well through web browser you can easily reach alot of people without worrying about if something has an app or not

although curious which one do you use xmmp client

really wanted to know what you think about video calling

@lucy @selea

@inditoot @selea @wowaname I don't need video calling, my face is useless for communication. xmpp for text, mumble for voice and pleroma as my public toilet.
@inditoot @lucy @selea gajim can theoretically do video calling, idk how good it is. it can definitely do audio calls

@wowaname hmm i am confused about xmpp a little bit

does conversation support calling?

@lucy @selea

@lucy @inditoot @selea >my face is useless for communication

so you just remain stoic the entire time? humans use body language lol
@inditoot @lucy @selea it isnt that difficult to install something, and overall it's more secure to package apps that way because otherwise the web browser just amasses a larger attack surface, with all the features it has to support. on top of that, not everyone's device can run a modern web browser because they often require hundreds of megabytes or even several gigabytes of memory

i use gajim on desktop (not the nicest and most user-friendly but it's better than pidgin) and conversations on android

XMPP is simpler and can be extended if needed. Lots of clients to choose from and OMEMO support. That was the reason I stick to it instead of matrix :ablobspin:

@rgggn @selea Yes. It's me you're hearing.

1. Register an account on the LinuxRocks.Online server. Just add the account on any client and tick the pretty checkbox asking you if you want to create the account.
2. Add me at
3. ???
4. Profit.

@selea @rgggn I'm not sure you can even make it unfederate to begin with. :P

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