@selea @rysiek I hope if the answer’s β€œno” that the videos are licensed permissively enough for someone else to do it

@selea @rysiek having checked they seem to be under a Creative Commons license


In principle anyone could setup a β€œFOSDEM” channel and host these. I think there’s an upload cap on the shared server I use. Will take a look this evening UK time to see what’s possible.

@selea @rysiek Okay, to confirm the server I'm using has a 500MB per day upload limit.

I've therefore decided to make a "Best of FOSDEM 2019" channel. I'm watching through some of the sessions to see which should make the cut over the course of this week πŸ™‚


@selea @rysiek To update on progress, first video is just being transcoded.

It's the ActivityPub panel that @cwebber hosted.

That video mops up pretty much my entire upload allowance for the day, so further videos will arrive in coming days. Send recommendations πŸ‘

@selea @rysiek @cwebber as soon as the transcoding is finished I'll do an announcement toot to the federated timeline.

In the meantime you can follow the account from here via @fosdem2019 so the video should pop up in your feed as soon as the site is ready to share the link πŸ™‚



"on our wishlist but we didn't have time for that"
If you would help ;)

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