Planning to upgrade my in the coming month, I currently have a Proxmox machine running several VM's and containers.

What is your suggestion for hardware? I am mainly looking for hardware to house my hypervisor.

@selea I don't know what the specific purposes of the VMs are.
I'm currently (as you know) looking into those Odroid-MC1's since I generally just host projects on them (and I dockerize all the things nowadays), you could do the same?

If you want to keep running Proxmox, I'd start thinking about your priorities first.
- Like do you want raw compute power? low power-draw? or a balance of the two?
- Does it need to compute a lot? have lots of network throughput or loads of fast storage?


I actually have alot of IO (RW) because of logging and some databases. I currently have 4 VM's and approx 20 containers (LXC) running in my box with 8 cores and 24GB RAM.
It is using quite alot of bandwidth too and I have calculated that the powerusage cost me around €10 / month which is not much.

I do want that my environment would take less physical space instead.

@selea Hmm... depending on what you have now, you could try a custom-built machine?

What server do you have now?


I have a self-built supermicro box with hardware from 2013. It does things well good.

@selea hmm... then see if you can make it smaller by means of a different case.


I have looked at the Atom C3000 series actually

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