Is there any good alternative to Spotify?
I have used Spotify for 10 years and the only reason I use it is because I find new music every day that I like. I am having trouble seeing that an alternative (read self hosted) would actually be that great because it would be very limited when it comes to discover new music that I love.

Example of artist that I like:
Suduaya, Sundial Aeon, H.U.V.A Networks, Carbon Based Lifeforms

@selea playlist organization and sharing is what keeps me on the platform

@artfors @funkwhale

I have, I would like somesort of radio/spotify implementation in it - that would be really cool

@selea I would say mps-youtube, but Google has been on a witch hunt and DRMing everything to make sure you visit using a web browser so they can collect that data.

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