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I tried , It looks really cool! And it also shows much more information. But also it consumes a lot more CPU.

Like according to it consumes like 17% of my CPU while htop consumes 0.7%.

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Stop making websites that look good in Chrom* and shit everywhere else.

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Just found @godotengine browsing the top packages. I have no game dev experience but it looks cool and I kinda want to try 👀

I had no idea Google Play instant apps existed until 3 minutes ago. A random app I didn't install just opened on my phone?

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Today, my son started to show real interest in computers and operating systems. I briefly explained how a computer works and that you can run any OS you want on it.
Also explained what Windows was, and he promptly said:
"But I like using Linux, it is better",
I asked him why, and he said:

"I like the penguin"


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@lethalbit a good open source binary reverse engineering platform would be great

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Reminder that git is incredibly simple if you learn it from the inside out instead of the outside in 

An object can be a blob, tree, commit, or tag. An object is identified by its ID, which is a SHA.

A blob is just some arbitrary data. Files are represented as blobs.

Trees are a list of blob IDs and other tree IDs, and their names. Directories are represented as trees.

A commit has a tree ID, an author, a date, a parent commit ID (or IDs, for a merge commit), and a commit message.

A reference is just a commit ID. Branches are a kind of reference. The only information which is stored to represent "master" is the ID of the latest commit. To get the commit log, you just follow the parent ID in each commit. To get the contents, you look at the tree ID of that commit. To update master, create a new commit and write its ID to .git/refs/heads/master (which is a plaintext file).

A tag has a commit ID, an author, and a message. It just calls out a specific commit as special, like a release number, and adds a message, such as that version's changelog.

All git commands are just a means of manipulating what is ultimately a very simple data store. If you want to know more about how a specific command works and how it relates to this data store, let me know.

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I think I'll be clear about this: I am not anti-Mozilla.

(Though putting Pocket in their addressbar rather than an RSS/Atom subscribe button does go against my design principles for encouraging a more decentralized web)

I think they are a positive influence, but they have too much influence to loose to be as radical as they pretend to be.

At the same time we do need a truly radical browser engine to help get us out of the sad software development we're in. I hope to be that!

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Stop Bad Laws Before They Start

Right now, there’s a proposal to essentially prevent you from flashing your own firmware/software to any product with a radio in it before the European Commission. This obviously matters to Europeans, but because manufacturers often build hardware to the strictest global requirements, it may impact everyone. What counts as radio equipment? Everything from WiFi routers to wearables, #SDR dongles to shortwave #radio.


problem: network security is annoying
solution: please no one hack me

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In ecology, biodiversity is an important measure of ecosystem health.

Maybe we need to appreciate software, interface and network diversity as similar indicators of the health of our digital culture.

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Wild time spending 2 hours trying to get something to work only to go back to your original idea and it magically works. 😬

If had a mobile version, it'd be an instant install for me. Can't seem to find reliable mapping software based on OpenStreetMap, except Qwant.

I'd been using GPM for years, but I think it's time I switched.

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Anyone know of a self-hosted music service? Ideally with an Android app to accompany it. I imagine something like Plex, but specifically for music and not proprietary.

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I think it's no coincidence that someone like me, who has worked with computers for over a decade, prefers to own a dumb TV, a blender with mechanical knobs instead of a touchscreen, no "smart home" stuff, etc. I know how computers work, and for that reason I am terrified of them

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