@alatiera I remember you were looking for a touchpad to use on the desktop, what did you end up doing?

Myself, I bought an old used wacom tablet that supports touch for ~30 euros* and it's working pretty well with @gnome 40's gestures!

Very happy with my setup!

*(cheaper than an apple trackpad, doesn't require BT or batteries, you can draw on it with a pen)

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@saligari That's a cool setup, nice!

I did not end up getting a touchpad, never found anything comparable to the apple trackpad that isn't crazy expensive and/or old.

@saligari @alatiera

Is this a picture of your setup? Where do you put your elbows when you’re drawing on the Wacom?

@FrugalPoops @alatiera

Well, I hardly ever draw, I mostly use it to write on pdfs when I'm studying, and then I don't really use the keyboard at all, so I just push the right keyboard-half a bit and push the tablet a bit up.

But this is how it looks most of the time when I'm on the pc, I am mostly on the keyboard and rarely use the pointer or I am mostly browsing and only using the tablet & then my wrist rests on the table.

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