@rs1linuxtools I used Bitwarden, and they're on the fediverse at @bitwarden !

@ted @rs1linuxtools Thanks for the shoutout @ted and @rs1linuxtools for including Bitwarden in the list! 🥰 🔒 🎉

@dam_alex @rs1linuxtools self hosting BitWarden here, moved away from LastPass when they restricted free users to a single device, because even though I was a paying customer, I could see the writing on the wall.

@RS1 Linux Tools Personally I use KeePassXC, but I recommend @Bitwarden to less technical people. There's some on that list I didn't know about though, so I'll have to check them out.

I use KeepassXC myself. It's the only one i've tried and never had a reason to switch.

@rs1linuxtools Another @bitwarden user here, self-hosted. Used KeepassXC before, but wanted something that doesn't need me to figure out the syncing story myself, and has a more reliable browser extension.

Tried Bitwarden, worked like a charm, stuck with it, very happy with my choice to this day.

@rs1linuxtools I use a pen and index cards. Categorized (civic, social, banking, utilities, etc...) using an accordion-style index card holder.

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