Cat is down now, and only my aliases to copy into .zshrc

Was going to finish off set up today, but one of the cats is stuck up on the roof.

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Spoke too soon.

Still fighting with it to install.

It better start playing nicely or a new flavour will be chosen.

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Almost done, then time to get it customised.

Homebrew, iTerm, oh my zsh, tor are all essentials for me.

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Going to change my Ubuntu flavour to Xubuntu.

Currently working with two different Linux flavours, Windows and MacOS.

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Sur la placette du quartier Monti, les Romains, le soir venu, se regroupent de nouveau autour du traditionnel "aperitivo", avec modération et sous le regard attentif des carabinieri #AFP

At last!

Some sunshine.

I think summer has finally arrived.

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Just saw this ad for a game.

Should just call it America, instead.

Ok, I am officially over this bloody rain.

It is the middle of May, ffs!!

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uni: run linux! go foss! developpp! *runs Ubuntu on the labs*

also uni: use this software to attend the online exams. it can be installled only on windows and mac.

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Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

@syster Hi there, I have an old copy of Tails on a rarely used USB, but am now mostly over on Kali Linux

Anyone into Kali Linux, or know of any good groups/accounts here I could follow?

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Just set two additional domains up for #NixNetMail :blobcheer:

If you want an account, just shoot me an email with your desired username@domain combo 😊

Thanks to @selea for 😉

New on here, any recommendations for good follows?

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LibreOffice 7.0 is on the way! Our QA (quality assurance) community has announced the first Alpha release, for testing. The final version is due in early August. More details here:


A instance dedicated - but not limited - to people with an interest in the GNU+Linux ecosystem and/or general tech. Sysadmins to enthusiasts, creators to movielovers - Welcome! Just give a reason why we should approve your application into this instance, and our team will review it. Please include the word "excited" in the application, otherwise your application will be rejected.