I never before thought of the spiritual aspect of Mathematics. When I get an equation to work for me, it definitely is a miracle.

I love books. Always have. Always will. The oldest book I own is Rudyard Kipling's "Many Inventions", published 1893. How about you? Show me your oldest.

AND...after first use of startx command at console, screen dimmed to where I could hardly see the console text just before i3 came up. Upon exiting, same dim scree. Reboot, and back to normal. Enter startx and again dimming of the screen. THIS is a first time with this box.

I think I should quit and wait until the new monitors arrive. And if it fails then, this Dell has a one-way ticket to the local landfill for recycling.

Goofed on output. This is Dell is the only box I connect to the VGA port on the HDTV.

(slaps himself upside of the head for implying HDMI output)

'xrandr --output VGA-0 --set underscan auto (also tried on)' results in:

Error of failed request: BadName (name color or font does not exist)
Major opcode of failed request: 140 (RANDR)
Major opcode of failed request: 11 (RRQueryOutputProperty)
Serial number of failed request: 25
Current serial number in output stream: 25

Drats. "can't open display." I'll install xorg. 😞

Installing x11-xserver-utils was all I needed to get xrandr, didn't have to install xorg. Good. Let's see if xrandr will get the console straight without my frying the HDTV in the process.


Frustration is using an HDTV as a monitor when the PC has a wimpy-ass business-class legacy GPU. This Dell Optiplex 320's GPU can't kick up a high enough resolution at the HDTV's working frequency. Consequently, top and right edges of the workspace are clipped. This old Emerson HDTV doesn't have an auto adjustment feature, like most monitors do.

I can wait for the ordered 19" 5:4 monitors to arrive. (taps fingers impatiently on the arms of the chair)

Using 'df -h' in a terminal or console is easy enough. 'duf' gives a more human oriented display.

Package should be available in your distro's repos.

Debian users will need to download from the releases page.


Now that the Dell Optiplex 320 is running as it should--amazing what a little CR2032 can do--I decided to install antiX 19.2 32-bit 'base', non-systemd, and similar distro layout as MX Linux.

Just finished setting up rc.local to mount the share off the server upon boot-up. Can access the share from the command line and midnight commander. Looks like this POS Dell will live to see another day.

Can't figure this out for the life of me...it boots gets to enabling the network interface then just stops....i can ping it but nothing else starts up...fuck sakes...gotta take a break to eat back at it in a little while

Sorry about this for anyone who cares
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Well gopher.pizza and tempmail.youdabomb.social are down...tried to do a quick reboot...nope pi wont come back...why oh why

i'll get it back up but please have patience.

So the results of today's bike ride are...I can engage and disengage my right foot without pain, and no new issues in the switch-out: pedals and shoe holding methodologies. I felt the tension on the SPDs to be too low, a lot more lateral floating than I want, so in the rides to come I will make minor tension adjustments until I find that happy medium between float and ability for the right foot to disengage.

After all I went through with this accident, to be able to ride again...so happy.

Did a test run up and down the street with the SPDs and shoes clipped in. Have them on the loosest settings, maximum lateral give. Sloppy feeling, but I can remove my right foot without hurting the ankle, so..we'll see how they do on today's ride. Hopefully I'll always be cognoscente of the clips when coming to a stop. Not only is it embarrassing to dump the bike in traffic, it hurts a lot!

Trump says overturning Roe v Wade 'possible' with Barrett on supreme court - theguardian.com/us-news/2020/s maybe US women should make sure they vote in unprecedented numbers, then...

Figured out what was causing so much angst in installing anything on that godforsaken Dell Optiplex 320: BIOS battery shot. But that's not all. I had replaced it already, seeing that it was dead. A brand new battery did the trick

This is what I get for keeping used CR2032s around. (kicks himself in the ass multiple times) 😡

By the way, what caused the silicon band sensor to flip around was honking up Meade Pond hill. All that off pedal gyration kicks the bike all over beneath me.

This should have been a mechanical clamp on, or secured with small zip-ties.

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2/2 Wahoo Fitness Blue SC fails

4) The Campagnolo Nuovo Record pedals had to be swapped out for a set of SPDs my daughter bought me earlier this year. Spindles are narrow on the Campys, bringing my shoe almost up against the crank arms.

The chink in this swap is that if I don't use the toe clips and straps, I have to use the cleated system. Earlier this summer I couldn't remove my right foot without an exaggerated leg-out and my ankle hurt like the dickens. We'll see today if I can w/o pain.

So, before my previous ride I installed a Wahoo Fitness Blue SC combo cadence/speed sensor unit. It failed. Specifically, several failures, all in design.

1) The LF crank arm sensor is silicone rubber, too large for the arm.

2) The band is thick--I hit it with my shoe early on in the ride, knocking it 45 degrees around. I shimmed it today. We'll see on today's ride if this will work.

3) Rear wheel sensor arm on click stops; what I need is between two. Big gaps between sensors.

4) ... 1/2

Frustrating day so far...

Spent a good part of the morning trying to get antiX 19.2 32-bit net install to work. Can't understand why with every installation it prompts for, accepts, installs GRUB on MBR, and then doesn't boot afterward. md5sum fine on download.

Finally gave up and installed the same distro/release using the 'base' ISO. Booting, working find so far.

And then there's the Miyata...

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