You once subcribed to Scribd but canceled the service? Are you sure you are not still paying for it?

We just started watching "The Magicians" on Netflix. The wife says to me the show reminded her of The Umbrella Academy, which by the way, the second season is supposed to arrive later this year. She calls it weird (in a good way). I just call it...magic!

When stuff breaks, or no longer works as originally designed, I look for whatever can be salvaged from it.

For instance, the rare earth magnets (neodymium) found within are great for holding documents and mementos onto metal whiteboards, refrigerators, and filing cabinets.

Only tools needed are a set of small Torx, Phillips, and standard screwdrivers, plus a little patience.

I posted earlier today asking is anyone was seeing a difference in performance from turning on Webrender in Firefox. I just found out it does make a difference with HD video streamed to a 55" 4K HDTV...VERY noticeable!

The PC is a 10+ yr old Acer w/ a low-profile GeForce card using a legacy NVIDIA driver. Choppiness disappeared once I turned Webrender on.

It *can* make a difference in Firefox, especially with underachieving GPUs.

Yeah, nix this post. I built and installed the epson-inkjet-printer-escpr & escpr2 packages from AUR. Found what I was looking for. Never had to install the ESC/P-R drivers before. 🙄

I'm finding it hard to believe that there isn't a PPD available in the Manjaro and AUR repos that include an Epson Stylus Photo R380. This is an old printer that has long been supported in the Debian-base distros I've worked with. Nothing through CUPS, Foomatic, or community printer specific offerings.

Anyone have a suggestion? TIA

"No, I'm from Iowa. I only work in outer space."

- James T. Kirk

I've put my time in the field as a small-town country doctor of computer technology. My passion and long-term focus these days is in the workshop. I'm a woodworker, tinker, fixer of all that is broke, and not. I only work in and around a computer when I have to, though I won't deny at times I find I can't leave one left alone. 🙄

Recently I have been enabling Webrender in Firefox. I haven't noticed any changes in performance, nor have the browsers shown any stability loss. Enabling occurred on machines with both accelerated and non-accelerated video graphics.

Anyone out there have experiences to share on this feature enabled?

"Aaaah. Much better"

-- Duke Nukem

With a bit more umph in the old gaming card, nvidia-340 is working as expected. Good thing I remembered I still had the Zotac card stored away. One more reason to never throw anything away. Ever!


Just closed my account. What a waste of bookmark space.

I spoke too soon.

NVIDIA drivers didn't load automatically after installation earlier. Once they did--KA-BOOM! No DE.

I've inserted an old NVIDIA gaming card into the box. This card will need the nvidia-304 drivers, which I didn't find in either the Manjaro or AUR repos.

Taking another crack at this.

What the actual fuck?
RT @WebDevLaw
This had my jaw on the floor, which is saying a lot these days. Opera - yes, the browser company - has pivoted to being a provider of predatory payday loan apps in Africa. h/t @brucel

, also known as paper modeling or card modeling, is one of my most favorite forms of scale modeling. Advantages over plastic & mixed-media modeling are obvious: non-toxic PVA glue, colored pencils, scissors and/or knife, some odds & ends to help in folding/rolling paper, and a complete work environment need only be a lapdesk or small table.

Tektonten Papercraft is a good place to see what I mean. Enjoy!

Oooooh, I **LIKE** Bauh Package Manager! Listed the 32-bit driver I needed (from AUR) for my Dell C1660w color laser printer. This is a new addition since my previous go at Manjaro. Nice.

Nvidia-340 driver installed without blowing up the DE. I wasn't sure '340' would work on the 10 yr old motherboard GPU.

Ack! I forgot to take my meds while I was eating my breakfast. Now I'll have to wait until lunch to take my geriatric multi-super-power-vitamin--can't take without food. 🙄

Somebody find me a multi-core CPU that will fit into my 8088 brain slot? Wile your add it, a conversion piece so I can use DDR RAM in my DIPP slots? TIA!

BSD was a waste of time on the test box.

Installed Manjaro. Finished updating. Now I'll see if I can install an older available NVIDIA driver (304-340) and still have a DE to go to.

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