The folks on the #Trisquel forum are celebrating the 39th anniversary of GNU. Oh, and check out the awesome picture of a cake by @jxself Go to to join the conversation! #GNUAnniversary #GNU #HappyHacking #HackingCake #HackerCake

On this date in 1983 Richard Stallman announced the GNU Project and with it launched the entire free software movement. Nearly 4 decades later free software has given us a lot of software to run our computers freely but we are still fighting to ensure that technology works for us, not against us. Free software remains a beacon of hope for those who value their freedom and autonomy. For today's 39th birthday I'm happy to unveil a picture of Freedo giving a cake to the gnu:;a

@gert @aral Oh I dunno, GitHub was *proprietary* all along, brazen hypocrisy — we build a front-end and community around FLO software development, and no, of course our software isn't FLO. and Tom's anti-GPL screed and other antagonistic ideas were around the whole time.

Anyone who felt "sold out" when MS bought it was delusional to start with.

♫ "Join us now and share the software" ♫ Today marks the 39th anniversary of the GNU project! Hurrah for free software and happy hacking, everyone! See the full history at #GNUAnniversary #GNU

@redstarfish Quoting from that link:
"The salary won't be high, but I'm looking for people for whom knowing they are helping humanity is as important as money." Reminds me that FSF is hiring. We're having a hard time filling this unique position. If you have a passion to learn and grow into the role, please apply:

an interesting aspect of LS1028A is that unlike the i.MX8 family, it does not need binary firmware to initialize DDR4. you only need firmware if you want to use eDP. it has plenty of PCIe address space, so you could couple it with a simple 2D GPU to achieve a blob free system.

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Weird, mine keepassxc has icons. Has this happended after an update?

Hey friends, I just published the episode 10 of "How to build an #editor with #Emacs #Lisp - More on macros" (Quasiquote or backquote).

Looking forward to your feedback and as always please support me by sharing this post with others.

Internet: "The network allows for various kinds of protocols that y-"

Developers: "There is only HTTP"

HTTP: "You can formulate all kind of requests using GET, POST, PUT, DELE-"

Developers: "There is only POST"


How many of you recently getting started to Emacs?

If you love :emacs:, please boost.

If you use :emacs: for under 1 year, please share your experience.

If you use :emacs: for programming or anything else, please share.

#Emacs #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #OrgMode

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back in sept 1991, I volunteered as Unix sysadmin at the uni, and profs would often ask me to install GNU software for them. as I learned about it, I installed a lot more GNU software on various Unix flavors, to the point that I ran GNU on several different architectures and Unix libc/kernel combinations. I didn't pay much attention to the colleagues walking around with huge piles of floppy disks until I "inherited" administration of a research lab that had several PCs running GNU/Linux, some 5 years later

Software freedom's a human right and should be added to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

every discussion thread about guix is doomed to be dominated by "guix doesn't support <insert proprietary software here>" and "guix is just a scheme dsl for nix" comments with very little room left for other discussion. in unrelated news I'm on the hacker news front page.

here's my rough work in progress:

it works by integrating with project.el so as you switch between projects the search path environment variables automatically update. so, if you run M-x project-shell, the shell that is started is already configured with the proper search paths, so there's no need to run 'guix shell' inside the shell buffer.

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OK this is pretty cool: built-in translation is coming to Mastodon, funded by the European Commission's Next Generation Internet programme.

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