guix system rollback feature saved my day today.

IMO unless distros have a way to roll back to previous version (before the breakage happened) they are *not* allowed to call themeselves beginner friendly distro.  

It seems LinuxFoundation has forgot how to count (or a malicious attempt to rewrite history). In a recent blog post it says "Celebrating 30 years of Open Source." But "Open Source" is not even 23 years old. It started in 1998.


GNU and RMS have brought people from various political ideas/ideologies/countries under same umbrella of free software because everyone deserves freedom. We can see how diverse free software is from looking at the signatories in RMS support letter.

So don't expect everyone to have same views in other fields as you have.

Figured out how to mount/unmount stuff (for my user) without using root acc.

This kind of stuff you get automatically when you use DE, but when using window managers you have to figure out yourself.

There are so many Linux youtubers but no GNU youtubers.

Don't know if that's a good thing or bad.

Wow! I am imprssed!
"Today, the Jami team presents the first Technical Preview of a new generation of distributed text conversations: Swarms."
"Swarms are fully distributed and peer-to-peer text conversations, with a potentially unlimited number of participants."
"Under the hood, Swarms use Git to store the conversation, along with peer-to-peer TLS connections for syncing."

is blacklisted on GNU/Linux because it uses .

Electron is blacklisted because it has embedded and recommends non free module.

"An operating system does not mean just a kernel, barely enough to run other programs. In the 1970s, every operating system worthy of the name included command processors, assemblers, compilers, interpreters, debuggers, text editors, mailers, and much more. ITS had them, Multics had them, VMS had them, and Unix had them. The GNU operating system would include them too."

Migration to GNU/Linux in China Still Progressing, Just as Planned, in Spite of Ridicule and Misinformation From Microsoft

The battle for digital freedom has long been lost in kernel space; earlier this year Techrights analysed the complete source code of Linux to find DRM already well entrenched inside the kernel and it keeps spreading further (Linux is becoming the very thing the FSF objected to in Windows Vista; it is "Open Source Proprietary Software")

Do you guys know any libre software for GNU/Linux which downloads unauthorised copies of manga(in english) and shows them in a good way? In short, a manga reader.

In Android we have "Mi Manga Nu" which is fine software. I want something like that.

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