Google fired AI ethics researcher Timnit Gebru, who studies the effects of AI systems, after she refused to retract a paper when ordered to by management.

We need laws to break large corporations (especially Google at the moment) into smaller corps that compete with each other, Or the web is dead.

Unfortunately I don't see that happening.

Did you know this about newpipe? (You most probably do) 

Did you know you can also subscribe to peertube channels in ? Newpipe uses feeds to to subscribe to both and .

I used to have this problem before.. Then I removed Google and bloate from my android.. And have never seen this message.

500+ Chrome browser extensions caught stealing private data of over 1.7 million users.

Google has now removed them from its official Web Store, but if you still have any of them installed, remove immediately.

Google Play apps with 470k installs can log in to your Facebook and Google accounts

A smorgasbord of activity, including bank fraud, theft of personal data, and ransomware.


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