Facebook joins The Linux Foundation as a platinum member

So it basically means that Facebook is now a board member in the Linux Foundation.

The personal data that collects is also available to Facebook

I like how the article ends:
"You can switch to a more private messaging service, like [] or [], which doesn't rely on an advertising-based business model[and must be libre software]. *Or you can keep calm and carry on using WhatsApp and Facebook - at least, until the next outrage arises.*"

Facebook chat censorship.
Facebook has developed a chat system for coworkers which allows the company to censor words of their choice. For instance, "unionize".

"No, Facebook is not telling you everything" ~ Privacy Internationals


[You may require Tor Browser to read this article]

Google Play apps with 470k installs can log in to your Facebook and Google accounts

A smorgasbord of activity, including bank fraud, theft of personal data, and ransomware.



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