If you browse the internet with Javascript disabled, I noticed that if you disable CSS for too for some sites, they will become more usable.

Had to install stupid Browser for normie reason.. I'll uninstall it as soon as I can.


Microsoft Edge For GNU/Linux Is Here

There's nothing unique about it, just like any other based .

9to5linux: Vivaldi 3.3 Blah blah and blah...

9to5linux promoting proprietary garbage Vivaldi again.

Another website( ) that generally writes news about GNU/Linux, free software, open-source software, writing about proprietary garbage without even mentioning that it's proprietary.
9to5linux.com/vivaldi-3-2-laun [cloudflare]

uses an older version of firefox(60.7), Trisquel's version of icecat is even older(52). So sad that such a wonderful not being maintained properly.😔

lynx's bookmark management is best! You can have 26 different bookmark pages. How cool is that?

Is there a way to copy link in , I know only how to manage bookmarks at the moment.

Started using lynx browser, I like it. And I think it will be my default from now on.

I use 3 firefox based browser, icecat, firefox and Tor Browser, so in these browsers I have three different sets of bookmarks.

Today I found a way to sync all my booksmarks to all the three browsers, without using any servers or internet.

Just do:
Bookmarks > show all bookmarks(Cntrl + shift + O) > import and backup > export/import bookmarks to HTML.

Might be unpopular opinion about brave browser 

It seems brave browser is good for nothing.

Privacy browser can have custom search URL. It may not seem like a big deal if you use popular search engines like ddg, qwantz etc. But if you use custom searx instances with your personal preferences it can be a life saver.

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Privacy Browser can also pin SSL certificate of websites. So if next time you visit the website, and the ceritificate is not what you pinned, you will be alarted. This can be useful for Man in the Middile Attack and someone pretending to be that website with some other certificate.

There's also a feature of pinning website's IP address. Again in case it changes, you'll be alarted.

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Wow! Privacy browser from awesome. Just found it out yesterday and have been using it since then. it's very very light too and comes with great privacy settings.

Definitely check it out, it's on F-droid.


" has officially released 72 for Windows, Mac, and (GNU/Linux) and with it comes hidden browser notification prompts and fingerprinter blocking enabled by default in Enhanced Tracking Protection."

I think is the best for . Love it. Very easy to use and fast.



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