CS hod: to get all important notices and information, join our WhatsApp group.

Me: can you send those important notices via email?

hod: *describes how impractical it is for her to pick email addresses one by one and send them*

Me: *wonders if she has ever heard about mailing lists*

ofc I am not planning to install whatsapp, I have asked some classmates who've agreed to forward imp info on telegram.


The telegram client is free software. And second most popular after whatsapp here. Ofc for private and secure communication it's not recommended. :-)

@redstarfish Work e-mail was overwhelming enough. Everyone is rushed so they send the wrong office document and have to resend it. It kept saving me time to wait for a few days and just guess that the final version had finally been sent. If people are too hectic to use e-mail why would the IR? group decide everyone has to use Slack? Nicolas Carr's The Shallows quoted early computer people foreseeing e-mail as a time-waster because it was too easy to send. Why aggravate that with easier sending?

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