Do you donate ?


Whether one should donate blood depends on the blood type.

Here I don't consider the rhesus factor:

0 can donate to all, but can only receive from 0. That's why 0 is always urgently needed, especially for emergency patients.

A can donate to A and AB; can receive from A and 0.

B can donate to B and AB; can receive from B and 0.

AB can only donate to AB but can receive from all.

What is your blood type (ignoring plus or minus)?

@pixelcode @redstarfish obviously not that urgently since every time I try to donate blood, with no exceptions, I'm turned away

@pixelcode @redstarfish each bag of donated blood are split in several fractions, e.g. serum, and used for different purposes

@redstarfish I really wish I could. However it is not possible for me since I have a chronic illness (ME/CFS), which make my blood unsuitable.

@redstarfish I do kinda...
I don't do it regularly but I am on the list of people they can call in if the need arises.


I frequently have cannabis in my system, so I figure they won't take mine.

@redstarfish I give plasma, my B+ is very common and at hospital ask to me to giva plasma, so... 😉

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