Emacs discusses web-based development workflows []

Even Drew participated in the discussion. Many (including rms) are tilted towards running Sourcehut with GNU infrastructure.

@redstarfish hmm when i hear ‘modernise’ i sometimes get worried xD xD

> Because younger developers are more familiar with the forge-style workflow, providing that will lower the barrier to entry for new developers, he said
The issue that see often for any related similar to this oneis is the lack of clear and accessible documentation for newcomers.
Xah lee understood that and made one of the best manuals on emacs that beginners can use.
All the needed functions are still the same there's nothing new, the barrier is only GUI related which is understandable since when someone is not familiar with a tool there's always a learning curve.

>t seems like it should be easier to just send a patch, but feedback we're getting shows that it's not for a number of developers. Many don't use mail at all for development, and all they're used to is the GitLab/Hub way of doing it.
>So it's easier for them -- it feels safe and familiar for them to do development by clicking around in a web browser.
Pretty much this.

>the feeling of intimidation with using an email-based workflow is real
Again that is true to any new looking tools.

>Often, all the discussions, notifications, comments etc are actually consumed via a mobile 'app'.
And you want to attract people who uses mobiles ? The worst possible kind of device for security ?

>For these users, logging into their inbox is frustrating and inconvenient because their inbox is full of pointless and old messages/notifications/alerts they have already seen/received via other channels.
What kind of people do not sort their emails ?

>I think it's old, not secure or private by default, very inconsistent (HTML rendering is arbitrary vs. text, multiple MUA [mail user agent]) and just can't imagine using it as a software engineering tool
Because mobile phone is much more secure ?
Also gpg isn't a thing now ?

> It is still one of the major vectors for compromising access via social engineering, major vector for infection from [ransomware], frequent source of privacy [breaches] and a common means used to get sensitive data out of an organisation
Is he talking about mobile phones ? Because this sound like mobile phones.

> In contrast posting on a forum doesn't impose anything on anyone (in their mind) because those who read it have to actively go and look for it.
>[ Of course, it doesn't make much sense, really, but this is about people's perceptions, not about anything rational.
I'll just add that since it's just a gui issue, one could do a email client that looks and behaves similarly to "mobile apps" or even a website, reshape roundcube into a "forge" website and you log with your email and each of your request are still email managed. :shrug:
@mangeurdenuage @redstarfish >what kind of people don't sort their emails? That would be the overwhelming majority of all people who use email, I'm afraid.

To be a bit controversial here. Has anyone considered that if contributing by e-mail is a barrier to new developers, it might be a healthy one?

I agree that more documentation is good, but even I as a kid could figure out how to use e-mail and I don't buy that new developers can't figure out the e-mail based workflow.. they're really smart you know.

I think it is way more problematic that most projects are now locked up in a silo, where you can't contribute without an account.

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