Wow GNU Social development is pretty active! I thought development had kind of stopped. They are also talking about version 3, Posting regular blogs!

@redstarfish Is it going to federate with ActivityPub instances? I mean Mastodon, Pleroma and Misskey, of course.

@captainepoch and @redstarfish, do either of you know if RMS is going to mirror his microblogs on any fedi platform? I am planning to write a bot but it’d be nice if it is done by upstream.

@cnx @redstarfish I don't think he would do that at this point if GNU Social is going to be active again.

But who really knows, to be honest...

@cnx @captainepoch

I don't think so, he doesn't like social media much (You should ask him directly though). Mastodon is free software, if he wanted to he probably would have been using it already.

@redstarfish @cnx He replies emails, I sent him a few some years ago and they got replied. used to replicate his political posts, but it seems to be inactive

@redstarfish Sadly it uses corporate spring-like framework called Symfony. Compared to similar framework called Django it has much more oop "abstractions", worst parts from spring + worst part from php = symfony.

Framework maybe is not that bad as I described, but their website has tons of corporate stuff (ads). Also php tend to have as much dependencies as js with npm, so I wonder if all dependencies were audited that well to include the project into gnu.

Anyway, it's a good news to hear.

@redstarfish I used to post in a GNU social account of mine. Too bad it doesn't federate with Mastodon/Activitypub. And to add to it, the instance I used closed down. 😢

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