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"At this moment, the FSF has more associate members than at any time in its history."


"The FSF does not depend on large single sources of funding. It accepts and appreciates support from corporations who want to give back by contributing to the development and advocacy for free software, but direct corporate support accounted for less than 3% of FSF revenue in its most recently audited fiscal year."

Unlike other organisations which promote free/libre and open source software, direct corporate support for FSF is less than 3%. And this is a good thing.

@redstarfish For comparison, the #FSFE gets between 10% and 20% of its yearly budget from a single donor, named Google: fsfe.org/donate/thankgnus.en.h

@eliasr @redstarfish It’s also kind of surprising and concerning that Amazon is also a big donor.


I don't know their true motives other than of course they want to maximize their profits in the end. One possible explanation is that Google and Amazon can hope that the work FSFE is doing can hurt e.g. Apple more than it hurts Google and Amazon, and as such it can help them gain market share from Apple. Just speculating.

Anyway it makes me worried that FSFE may not do things that would really hurt Google and Amazon. True user freedom may not be a priority for FSFE, then.


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