Microsoft-Connected (and Funded) Sites Still Distort What Happened and What Richard Stallman Actually Said

Thanks for sharing this.

Its also nice to hear from Dr Roy S. on the topic. Do you know why he left Fediverse?


He was on instance. That instance shut down, so he didn't create any new account I guess.

Thanks for the insight. It's great that we still find toots by him! His toots must be stored by our instance.

He knew how to use #hashtags well, also.

Maybe one day he will host his own instance :)

It will be good to learn how/why the instance went down too, if possible. Are you aware of the reason?


He's not really interested in micro blogging (tbh micro blogging is only good for "hot takes" and doesn't really encourage long meaningful discussions). Instead Techrights has started gemini, IPFS sites. Also techrights has started producing videos now :-)

Okay, but we disagree that pleroma as a #microBlogging platform, is not a good way to #communicate, and have meaningful dialog.

We manage to have meaningful dialogue everytime we use our instance, and we only have 500 chars! If he was on a #pleroma, he'd have had even more chars.

We don't remember him ever writing long posts, maybe it was #Twitter that he didn't like? Fedi is far better than #Birdsite, in our opinion.

@redstarfish Thanks for the link.

Is it coincidental that RMS and Linus got attacked nearly at the same time? I think it was an attack on Free Software in general.

I've read somewhere that RMS has written many things in the past which may seem controversial and we all know Torvalds has been himself for quite a long time. :) So why try to punish and fix them only recently?

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