I was surprised when some of my relatives talking about privacy policy. They are normal people use and didn't pay any attention when I left WhatsApp a year and half ago and told them why they should too.

But they do acknowledge now that I was right (actually ) and I had warned them before.

@redstarfish sometimes it takes a while to realize stallman was right. :comfy:
@redstarfish not only is it normal but they've been sharing info with fb since they bought it. They just now being upfront about it.

@Alumina @redstarfish I thought that was well known since Facebook bought them over, it didn't feel like they made a big secret out of it

@lowdude @Alumina @redstarfish Yeah, I've been saying that for years! "Facebook is going to be respecting users' privacy in this _one_ instance? Give me a fucking break!"

Not possible. My relatives were asking me what is going on. Even those don't understand English language or know who Elon Musk is.

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