People say free software community is divided into two. So, in which one do you belong?

a) I hate Mac, but I really really hate Windows.

b) I hate Windows, but I really really hate Mac

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@redstarfish i'm i hate windows, i really really hate mac, and god i really fucking despise linux if only it wasn't the only possible choice on my hardware

Needs a third option... I don't care either way, because I'll load up Linux 😀

Yes to this. I use linux not because I hate Apple or Microsoft, but because I like Linux.

I hate mac, although I can acknowledge that apple builds a really good and working ecosystem. It is vendor lock at its finest of course, but it is rather good quality from what I hear.

Windows on the other hand is just shit.

@musicmatze @redstarfish I still have the idea that Mac is for people who not only need, but want their hand held when they use a computer. Windows, for all its flaws, at least gives some choice.

@redstarfish I'm not good at hating anything, but Windows is the system I just don't care for. Mac is worse, it's that system you loved, and it betrayed you.. it's personal

@redstarfish You're one of the black-or-white kind of people, right? 😉

There are only 10 kinds of ppl... ;-)
Frankly, I had to think hard to decide which one I hated more, before eventually choosing (a).

@gemlog @redstarfish Blind hatred towards an operating system (or pretty much anything) is not very mature at all.

Instead, it always depends on the set of requirements you need to address.

For *any* given tool I can find use-cases & requirements where this tool is be the best choice.

I can find positive as well as negative aspects for pretty much any tool, OS, ...

Such #surveys promote hated or at least a very narrow picture of the world.

Stop this bullshit, please.

#Windows #macOS #Linux

I'm perfectly fine with being an 'immature' 60 year old who is sick of wasting time with the inbuilt constraints imposed by practices of ingrained corporate, time-wasting greed.
I always feel like a backstreet gutter whore whenever I take money to work with either of those companies.
I'm resolved to never do it again.
I have no plans to stop hating on corporations any time soon. They are not people. Only legally defined greed machines.
Not "bullshit".


What you say, you find use cases of an operating system is actually pragmatic ones.

There's no blind hatred towards corporations or their product (especially in this case of Mac(Apple) and Windows(Microsoft)), I have reasons to hate.. The tools these corps have developed are oppressive and are instruments of unjust power. Power of the corps over the users(used). And after that those oppressive tools are transferred to govt. for further oppression of its citizens and many many more injustices.

As corporations are not people/humans I have no problem hating them even if there were no justifiable reason (in reality there are).

If you feel sympathetic towards a phychopathic corporation, I am sorry for you, and would hope you had choosen the implicit 3rd option, which was _ignoring_ the post.


@redstarfish I don't really really hate either. But I'm pretty annoyed with people who turn software use into religions >:(


@redstarfish I really don't see either of them as remotely usable. Mac is more useful to me as a Unix, but lock-in and it's pushing the app store harder and harder makes it not worth using ideologically.

Windows isn't useful for more practical reasons (difficulty to access common power user utilities) on top of its outright admission of cooperating with mass surveilance and vendor lock-in.

Both these platforms are crawling towards requiring proprietary app stores, too


@redstarfish After using both, I prefer Mac, but getting a Mac was never a consideration for myself. Window's nonsense is what drove me to Linux and then FOSS, though


@MadestMadness @redstarfish
I choose b, because I've seen Windows has infrastructure to do low-level debugging and robust API (NT API, not Win32 API, the latter is real s**t).

MacOS X on the other hand, is a pile of non-sense controlled by Apple, which likes to have full-control on the user's choice of everything.

i don't care that much about Mac, but i don't like Windows. WHat should i choose if "hate" is overkill for me?

I don't hate Mac OS, but the hardware costs/lack of variety made me want to try Linux, which I now like much better due to its openness and modularity.

@redstarfish technically I am now a exception to that rule. I mean I used to be B) but now I just lessen’d my care of all popular platforms. I simply wanna get the indie fun going, as I seek to make my very own computing ecosystem overall..

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