I don't know why people are talking about needing a "decentralised federated code hosting software". Git already does that. Have you ever heard of "git-send-email" and "git-request-pull"? I think you should read the Git manual first before demanding a decentralised and federated code hosting software.

@redstarfish @selea I think there are several reasons. FWIW, I share this frustration, and I solidly agree with the article you linked to. People just tend not to think this way, or have the brain space to learn a tool or process beyond the bare minimum they need to get their work done. A familiar UX is hugely important; Mastodon’s success is as a federated Twitter, PixelFed is a federated Instagram, it’s easy and natural to think the same way about Github, and want a federated drop-in for it.

@redstarfish @selea Also, not everybody can or will use Git’s (or HG’s) CLI. Some functionality is fine for email, some stuff isn’t. Some stuff that email sucks for can be stuffed into Git using clever tools like, but what’re the trade offs for doing so?

Git-Bug has a CLI, which is great. But it also has a TermUI; makes interacting with it a LOT more efficient to use. Even then, it also has a WebUI too. They must have good reasons to go to the effort of building it.

no need to use the CLI, IDEs can handle it

@redstarfish well there is git-ssb (git over scuttlebutt), you can't get any more decentralized than that

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