Well Telegram is not great, I admit. But also has the same centralised surveillance system. SMS is the worst. There is no kind of encryption in SMS, and those unencrypted texts can stay in your cellular connection providers servers for years.
Btw if you want use , use the F-droid version which is compiled from source.


I have the same problem aswell. I only keep telegram because I am lurking in a "GNU Group" that is very active, so I am bridging it over to Matrix so I can keep in touch with people there.

@redstarfish At last someone tells the truth. Signal is absolute trash and also using SMSs and phone number as contact information is shit. I don't want to dox myself by providing you with my phone number to use Signal. You can reach me on Telegram via my Telegram username.

@redstarfish Telegram is at least better than Discord while being more functional than Signal.
@redstarfish Telegram's encryption is also suspect, being home-grown and questioned multiple times.

It's been adopted as the furry messenger, makes me wonder how long the Russian spooks can last looking at hardcore gay furry porn all day.

@comradeagle @redstarfish Are you implying they're not furiously jacking off to furry porn?

@0x00 Since Russia seems very anti-gay, they probably aren't jerking it to purple foxbois getting pounded by dragons with two penises. @redstarfish
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