Having cool emojis/stickers makes it easier for us to convince family members to join matrix.

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@Maza Emojis are malware? I didn't know. Can you point me to any source where I can learn more about it? I know they collect statistical data. But didn't know they were malware.

Funny, I seem to be the only one ever completely against emojis.

What is the reason? I'd love to read more about it.

I just find them highly unnecessary. The only point I see to ever use them might be for language differences, but that's it.
I find them highly distracting otherwise.
Maybe this has something to do with my age (30+), but I still prefer the "old way" of doing things :P

@selea @redstarfish I need my Amiga emoji. And Arch. And Commodore, NeXT, Be and others. :)

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