I was wondering should I create an account on github(I know it's own by micro$oft)? Just to play around a littile a find out how things work?
Or you have some better options? Comment.

Created an account on . Waithing for the confirmation email now(supposed to come within 3hrs).

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The problem of self-hosted stuff is you can't search all repos with the same tool, i would really love an activitypub like implementation for git, so we could own our private/public repos and share them with people over a federated domain, and make them interactive (PR, MR, Merges, Comments on commits, etc)

+1 if you share this idea! I might even start doing this myself.


I have some vague memory of that gitea is looking into ActivityPub

@selea @nitox There are already a zillion of projects in that area. Please spend time reviewing them (for instance Gitlab has an issue in its tracker about federation

@perflyst @redstarfish we might opine slightly biased, but of course everybody should vote YES!

@redstarfish The good thing with git: you can have your code on more than one repository.
So learn and go public with github, use privately e.g. gitlab and maybe another open repository of your least mistrust ...
(I have my open stuff on github and our closed family gitlab server)

@redstarfish Yes. Do it on GitHub and on a GitLab instance (e.g.

@redstarfish I've started using after they banned some devs from US embargoed countries. There are other alternatives as well.

@redstarfish if you're just playing around, try Codeberg. Create code without worrying about how some corporation will try to monetize you and your content.

@redstarfish use a throwaway email so you can't be tracked/spammed, and use pseudonymous account info. Treat GitHub like LinkedIn, and only use your name when you're sure you're building a resume with it, or establishing a paper trail/cover for other purposes.

If you want experience, just create a GitLab account, or run your own gitlab/gittea/phabricator server.

@redstarfish Nope,please don't use that M$ shit.And also don't use Google which is even worse. and are cool non-profit alternatives.And there are also many small Gitea instances you can use.

Codeberg, but I am biased. Seems to fit looking at your profile though ;)

@ashimokawa @redstarfish is already there more than a year … if it's the same fish. If not, isn't it said: "It's not good for a fish to be alone", or something like that? 😃

No, it isn't me, see I'm red starfish and it's just a starfish and can be of any colour. ; )

@redstarfish Nu, in that case you see: Codeberg is a good place for starfishes 🤣 And as @ashimokawa already wrote, matches your profile much better than MS-G or G-G (Github or GitLab). I've moved most of my projects to @codeberg long ago, the remaining two should follow this year.

Better play around with some privacy-friendly instance of the #foss Gitea Software instead of the proprietary, tracking-rich GitHub from Microsoft.

E.g. from @codeberg is nice!


Awesome, I've actually thought about closing my own gitea server and move to codeberg instead

@redstarfish is there an opensource/federated alternative to github?

Can't say about federated, but a free software("Open Source") alternative is which I'm currently using.
If you read the replies of my post, there are other such alternatives sugested by others.

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