Deleted Spotify, Deezer and Tidal accounts.

Basically destroyed ties to the major music streaming services. At least with the email I used.

The only reasonable streaming service right now is SoundCloud, good to support solo or indie projects.

Unfortunately, it is such a mess when bigger artists are represented, can never tell if it is official.

Go+ is a racket. I don't use SoundCloud for major labels.

Bandcamp seems like the right way to go at the moment.

Buy Music. Support artists.

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@rebel_luddite Funkwhale is a community-driven project that lets you listen and share music and audio within a decentralized, open network.
It's a fairly new project.

@rebel_luddite Streaming can be done in a sane way, however the advertising/licensing industry forces the streaming services to become spyware machines.


I recently came across this, but have not looked into it yet. I think the web player at the time was acting weird, so it put me off.

It is a stream to own model. You get to own the song after 9 plays. I don't know if you get to download a file, but you stop paying to listen to your favorite songs... which is exactly what I do on streaming services.

I can vibe on an album for months, may as well own it.

It seems like this is a good approach.


Checking it out again. The idea is sound. I like that they give you a bit of credit to start out with, so you can actually experience the service, without giving up your credit card information on a trial.

Discovery is not that great, but whatever. It's not like you know you will like a song a priori. The cost of the first listen is super cheap, so you don't lose out on a song you don't love.

Unfortunately, player is buggy, some features don't work, and I am constantly logged out.

@rebel_luddite buying music has very little to do with supporting artists, that's the problem. You support huge label companies that make money off them.

That is the tragedy of the whole damned business.

I remember reading that bands typically made the majority of their earnings through concerts.

Obviously that is not true anymore, but the concept still remains. People typically support an artist once, when they buy an album. Merchandise isn't always relevant to the person who likes your music.

The industry sucks.

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