Captain Janeway of the starship Voyager is my favorite person, real or fictional.

Anyone here try brushing their teeth?

It feels amazing afterward.

Installing Artix with runit, XFCE edition.

Last time I looked Artix, the installer was weird. Calamares is the great equalizer when it comes to installing distros.

XFCE is just my home. It is what I started years ago when I discovered Manjaro, and it just keeps getting better.

If I like, maybe I can stop distro-hopping for awhile.

The only thing I need to figure out is how to dress up the screen where I enter the LUKS password. That is a nasty, unforgiving annoyance.

Anyone want to start a Listening Club?

Just like a book club, we would choose an album or playlist, have a week to study and enjoy it, and we discuss anything we want about it.

Not only will this potentially expose everyone to music they never heard, or would never encounter, it would bring back a lost talent, deep listening.

It's been a long time since I sat down with an album and gave my exclusive attention, reading lyrics, attempting to understand the meaning.

I miss my love of music.

Public Announcement: You don't get over your favorite band. You just leave them alone for awhile to let the heart grow fonder.

of Montreal will always be my favorite music.

Anyone have any good resources or opinions for theming, or in general modifying KDE?

I don't hate it, I know it is powerful, has a super duper trooper compositor, animations to make the 10 year old inside of me yell in glee, but I really don't like the default keybindings.

At lease what is default with Manjaro. I am used to the XFCE way, CTRL+ALT+arrow to move between desktops, CTRL+ALT+t for terminal.... F4 for yauke.

Okay, this is a keybinding issue, but there is more I want to change.


I wanted to get a drink, but did not want to drive all the distance to a grocery store.

So, I went a gas mini mart that recently opened, got a couple of 9% tall cans of IPA, and one 8% of Hard Mike's Cranberry.

WTF. ALL I taste is juice, but had a moderate ramp up to BUZZING.

It's smooth like a couple of glasses of wine.

I have decided. I am going to drink A LOT less, but occasionally treat myself to high percentage beverages like these.

Moderation is what I need to move forward.

I installed Manjaro KDE on my laptop.

I guess I like KDE now.

Also, octopi sucks.

Pamac is the superior package installer.

I can forgive the iFi Zen Dac not shutting off sound from its RCA outputs when headphones are inserted, because holy shit do they transform my crappy Logitech computer speakers (with woofer, hah).

It does help that my speaker have its own volume controllers. I can just shut them off.

Ah, just realized the problem with Funkwhale, which is the same as PeerTube, which shares the issues with bittorrent, which is the problem of source.

You can't have anything if there isn't at least one person connected who has the thing you want.

And this kids is why you should invest in a home server for all the stuff you love, so you can access it anywhere, and so can the rest of the universe if you decide to share it.

... Anyone have a favorite resource for setting up home servers?

Anyone here using Funkwhale? Found it my search for alternative music sources.

Looking for a healthy instance. Well, there are not that many anyways.
This one seems to have the most people:

I imagine as it grows, the focus a particular genre will narrow.

Seems like it could take off, or at least not die quickly.
Federated music is a cool concept, everyone a curator, or producer.

Star Trek Picard is basically just Altered Carbon, but with characters I actually like.

If you do not think popcorn is one of humanities top culinary discoveries, you just haven't had it in awhile.

I get the feeling I should have made my account on a Maker focused instance, since that is my desirable trajectory. I mean, I love computing, alternative operating systems, humane programming languages...

Stuff that Bret Victor, Joe Armstrong, Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls, and all the other giants I am forgetting or have never come across, are my inspiration for what I want out of computers.

Still, I rather focus on the physical creation of things, especially those that integrate computers.

"I'm an exclusive FLOSS user, I have no choice but to become an expert on things that suck."


Seriously though, I am going to have to learn FreeCAD, because as cool as OpenSCAD is, and its parameteic design, programmatic object creation, some things are just easier to make using lines and constraints.

#TIC80 can be compiled to run on bare metal for the Raspbery Pi (all of them I believe, including the Pi400). This is running directly on the hardware, not on top of linux. Just like the old computers it is modeled after TIC-80 is the base environment. How cool is that!? Really neat if you put it on the Pi 400. Boot straight to TIC-80 and code some games or play some games.

If the jalapeño to onion ratio in the soup you are making is not at least 2:1, will it really turn out tasty?

USB DAC dongles are the best.

Plugging my headphones to my PS4 controller is convenient, but the quality was just bad. Super grainy, low resolution. Just annoying.

Recently I rediscovered a Millso dac that I had purchased in an unfortunately failed attempt to connect my guitar to my PS4 for Guitar Hero, without needing to buy the specialized cable.

Needless to say I bought the damn cable off ebay.

Sound quality on the dac is infinitely better, I just use an extension to reach the couch.

WTF does everyone on Mastodon have cats?

Yes, I jump straight to your media tab if I think you are interesting.

Glitch art. Retro computing. DE wizardry. Selfies.




No. All I see are cats!

Two things every household should have for maximum hygiene.

1. Bidets
2. Shower heads with detachable wand

I seriously need to buy the first, and upgrade the second.

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