Hi everyone, I have been in another instance on the fediverse for some time but I think that I will be more comfortable here, so I moved in.

I am an engineer with passion for , who is always learning something. I like , and .

I like to repair and assemble computers, then I install on them and give them away to family and friends.

Glad to be in the fediverse!


Hey R! Just wanted to give you a welcome! 😊

Hi @TFG and thank you so much! I really feel welcome here!

This is a great instance!

@r_libre Yeah, a lot of the other instances are sickeningly and one-sidedly political. That’s why I migrated here a few months ago. It’s very refreshing and liberating going from one of those instances over to this one.

@asic yes! I used to think that the another instance was friendly but I changed my mind after weeks of seeing toots from some people and some admins from that instance on my home feed.

But fortunately I was also following all the admins of Social Linux Pizza in my old account, so I decided to move to this instance and now I feel great!

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