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I'm interested in Linux, Libreboot & open-source software.
So if you like Linux to, let me know and we can be friends!

#Lutris is an amazing piece of software, and it has made it such a breeze to be #Gaming on #Linux. Thank you Lutris-team and the Lutris-community for making gaming available for me, on the platform I love 😉

Don't look like much but this is my new router. I ordered a case for it, arrives next week. Custom setup, routed /28 IPv4 and /64 IPv6 block provided by Andrews & Arnold Ltd:

You can get quite a lot flexibility running a custom routing setup on linux/bsd. I've done setups like this for years.

A happy face reveal is bound to happen once my T440p arrives.. 😀

Less than 24 hours on CalyxOS, already loving the experience.

I love the auto disconnection feature on WiFi and Bluetooth If not used its turned off.

I personally forget to turn these off and I like them off when not in use.

Just setup and installed CalyxOS on my Fairphone 4.

FYI if I haven't answered your email in the last day or so, I'm answering it today. I'm going through emails. Some personal stuff's been going on lately that I've been dealing with, but this week has been quieter so I'm catching up.

Orders are shipping ETA Friday September 30th.

16 GB ram*.
Many of my friends would say this is an outdated sluggish machine, while to me it’s everything because It gives me freedom over my own hardware and software ❤️

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Just sent money towards my freedom on a Libre T440p 💖❣️

4 Cores
17GB Ram
256 GB SSD

Glad stores like exist and sells computers pree installed with freedom in mind like Coreboot/ Libreboot/ OSboot

Just ordered a Libre T440p from @libreleah minifree store :debian: :fsf: :gnu:

Setting up a Wise account for paent once I get home from the Hospital next week.

• This line from there blog post is why I love Threema Libre:

- In Threema Libre, there’s no single line of code that would require a proprietary software library from Google or any other third party.

post from August 3:

Libre repo:

I love ❤️
It is my favourite .
It just works for my 👏

I’m wondering why some people prefer over ?
Is there anything Fedora offers and not Debian/ or anything Fedora does better than Debian?

I will give a spin on my today.

A miss click on January 10 2021 on Spotify lead me to Shadow of Intent 🎶🎸 They are my second most played artist on Spotify today 🎶🤟

Most of code is available on GitHub under different repositories with free licenses like GPL-3, MIT, etc.

Recently a few weeks back started my move towards more free open source alternatives to proprietary services I use.

Twitter = Mastodon
Discord = Signal =
DDG = searXNG
YouTube = Invidious
LBRY = Librarian

Still on Spotify, but over the coming weeks ill be searching and look for new ways of listening freely to music.

I never though would run this smooth on Proton Experimental.

Played it for 10 - 12 hours yesterday with absolute no graphical / visual issues on testing with the drivers.

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