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I just found out that GNU nano has the best release codenames ever, including: "Among the fields of barley", "And don't you eat that yellow snow" and "Tax the rich, pay the teachers" -

I enjoy The Register for IT news, but some of the UK slang baffles me. What's a 'boffin'? has moxie!

(Not the Signal dev, but the personality trait!)

I have a weekly Jitsi video call with my friends and one of them constantly asks us to use Google's app instead. Guess where he works?

Yesterday I experienced the complete failure of a microSD card for the first time. I can't even reformat it. At least the replacement is faster and cost half as much.
Time for a fresh install of Raspbian OS, but will it be 32-bit or the 64-bit beta? Hmm...


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