Apple software 

"[The] first time a user runs a new executable, Apple delays execution while waiting for a reply from their server. This check for me takes close to a second.

This is not just for files downloaded from the internet, nor is it only when you launch them via Finder, this is everything. So even if you write a one line shell script and run it in a terminal, you will get a delay!"

What the fuck.

Mastodon is working on E2E encryption for DMs as it nears 4 million users

Be aware of the apps your kids use & how their data is being handled.

“For years, TikTok ignored the children’s privacy law, thereby ensnaring perhaps millions of underage children in its marketing apparatus, & putting them at risk of sexual predation.”

I have been tasked with setting up a server for my company.
I want it to be easy to maintain and set up. Is it a good idea to use the package that @matrix provides?

Last time I used it, the syntax of the homeserver.yaml change or something, and considering that synapse is using a "HUUUUUUGE" config file instead of many small ones does make it annoying to upgrade if stuff is deprecated or added into the config

You can now get the alpha build from @IzzyOnDroid 's repo:

It's the same apk as in the GitHub releases, but it's a convenient way of getting the latest version until we get to a 1.0 release!

Dear folks!
I'm really thinking about to get myself a PineBook Pro. Is here somebody who has experience with it? I need opinions! (What to expect application-wise etc.)

Thanks a lit in advance! : )

The moment your girlfriend says to you: "you can install Linux for me, I'll try it" - is glorious! :brain3:

But when she changes her mind in two weeks, because she wants to use proprietary software to make music as a new hobby, is the saddest moment in this damned quarantine. :win3_minesweeper:

3,999,999 accounts
+30 in the last hour
+2,028 in the last day
+20,228 in the last week

Just tried to order a #PinePhone. Unfortunately it turns out that the #Pine64 store uses #PayPal as their sole payment processor.

Given that I am a big proponent of voting with my feet, and PayPal is blacklisted from handling both my money and my private information, this won't do.

Is there any other way to get money to @PINE64 or do we have a No Deal?

Direct bank transfer is preferred, but if necessary I could look into getting myself a proper credit card.

It's "World Password Day" - which is an excellent day to remind you to use an encrypted password manager. Literally any of them are better than not using one.

Why use one? It allows you to create unique complex usernames and passwords that are forgettable.

This increases your information security.

Our manager of choice is #KeePassXC - it's easy to use, syncs really well across any cloud service and is loaded with features and a browser extension.

#worldpasswordday #privacy #security

70% of the users who apply for an account on this instance:

"I want to learn about linux"

what terminology do you use?

On #PressFreedom Day we have interviewed Tim Verheyden, the journalist who broke the story that Google employees are listening when we talk to devices like Google Home. Revelations like this show why we need a #FreePress. #freepressday

The Tutanota app comes with zero trackers. Because we care for your privacy - unlike other online services:
Thanks @exodus for providing this great test! 😍 👍

Finally I moved to Mastodon, looking forward to this adventure! I hope I'll be able to convince some friends to join the fediverse too. :ablobsmile:


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