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A ban on TikTok would have been impossible without closed app store gatekeepers, says EFF board member @Zittrain. Walled gardens are free speech weak links.

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TIL: You can open VLC with an YouTube URL, and it plays it.

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Hey #fediverse Anybody doing googless contact syncing on #android, without carddav/caldav? And if so what?

Please boost.

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@admin I'm not on your instance, but still just want to say this:
You are an amazing admin. Thank you!

Starting another thread to poke @selea : are you getting decent BAT tokens here? I just installed Brave last week and this site already 6% of my attention ^^

@selea I have a bug on this instance, can you help? Currently on trying to solve it.

See screenshot
[2] .

Notice on [1] there is no top bar, while on [2] there is.

Apparently it's not supposed to be that way.

Do you have any pointers for debugging this?

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Did you know that #GDPR allows sites not to announce the use of "essential" cookies? Meaning those your site uses for itself, to keep the user logged in for example.

So when Internet commerce started to slap those stupid "we use cookies" banners on every site they used the more generic word "cookies" to avoid saying outright that their sites use *ad trackers*.

Long story short, if you don't sell your user data, you don't have to present stupid disclaimers.

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Sometimes you insist on knowing something but will be proven wrong. Taking that and learning form it, which makes the difference between being an old grumpy person and a learning grumpy person.

I happy that I made it yesterday to be the latter:

TL;DR: while port 465 was deprecated in 1998 for smtps, it was refused by RFC8314 for "submissions" which is most people used it for years anyway. Main difference: It's standardised now.

#mail #smtp #submission #linux

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Remember when #QuitFacebook was trending? It's time to remind everyone that Big Tech is not automatically good:

We're happy for having found @Mastodon years ago. Here are more privacy-respecting alternatives to Big Tech:

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Looks like the #Qt devs are using COVID-19 as an excuse to effectively make Qt proprietary software.

"last week, the company suddenly informed both the #KDE e.V. board and the KDE Free QT Foundation that the economic outlook caused by the Corona virus puts more pressure on them to increase short-term revenue. As a result, they are thinking about restricting ALL Qt releases to paid license holders for the first 12 months"

A year in the software world is eternity, may as well not release it.

Request: I want to access a Gnome desktop on a baremetal server. I want a RDP like experience, if possible. Ideas?

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Hey new mastodon users. A lot of us won't follow you back unless you have posted before and have an avatar. Otherwise you look like a bot.

So, if you're getting started try dropping an #introduction post in there first before you start clicking that "follow" button a bunch.

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Uhm, didn't see that coming (totally did):

The Wire messenger changed ownership in July, didn't really notify anyone as per their own privacy policy, and now belongs to a US entity called "Wire Group Holdings":

Not sure how I feel about that (totally do).

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Inspector Gadget is a cautionary tale about a tech-obsessed gadget geek dealing with the consequences of buggy voice recognition software.

That said, if I ever do use a voice assistant, I'm changing the trigger phrase to "Go Go Gadget."

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