Tough day for youtube-dl. They had to close down issue reporting on github, because the youtube extractor no longer worked.

If you're as desperate as me you download a zip of the repo, extract, make and copy youtube-dl to $HOME/.config/mpv

I just have to remember to remove it again.


I rarely experience it with youtube, but I've noticed other sites can be a bit wobbly, but usually with a quick fix.

I don't envy the task of keeping up with all these sites. I know how much work it is as one who disable JS in my browser.

@patchman Oh my god I was searching EVERYWHERE today to try and figure out why youtube-dl would download videos from literally anywhere than actual youtube, I just downloaded it today after watching distrotube's video on it.

@patchman are you somehow involved in the project?

Nope, I once sent a pull request, but I don't consider that involved ;)

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