"In the study, 50 male and 50 female observers were asked to assess the aesthetics and symmetry of eight types of female breasts. The images varied in terms of breast size and degree of ptosis (sagging). The researchers used eye-tracking technology to collect data on what parts of the breast image the observers were looking at, and how long they looked at each area."

I read this and I was left thinking; how does one sign up for that kind of experiment?


Blir virkelig russiske kuer lykkeligere av Γ₯ bruke VR-briller, og blir melka av bedre kvalitet? Vi sjekket historien tu.no/artikler/glade-russiske-

Fake news? Muhligvis…

@byllgrim @andreasio @govynnus

I finished the book and it's definitely worthy of a recommendation.

I totally did not slip a tear in the end! I'd never do that, because I'm such a manly man! :P

I'm going to put in a reservation for the follow up A Close and Common Orbit right now.

PeerTube.dk is an all-purpose instance, primarily for Scandinavian users.

As a user on PeerTube.dk, you can upload an unlimited amount of video, but you are limited to 5GB of video per day, to prevent spam.
#peertube #peertubedk

Today I brought home this book from the library. Looking forward to reading it.

Nice, I just got blocked for the first time (I think) on Mastodon, for saying this of all things:

"You can only fight hate with compassion and love."

I guess the internet don't want to hear that kind of hippie shit.

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Thinking about serving all requests by Googlebot a page that suggest alternatives to Google.

All you suits be like: Oh, no my SEO!

It's comforting that some people go to great lengths making simple and efficient websites.

Dylan Araps solved the problem with favicon requests.


Scientists just made it difficult to convert dog age to human age.

Old formula:
human age = 7 * dog age

New formula:
human age = 16 * ln(dog age) + 31

In this particular instance I will choose to ignore science.


#2228 "Machine Learning Captcha" 

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Why did I just get an e-mail from Youtube about a terms of service update. I don't have a single Google account and never had one.

"You have received this mandatory service announcement to update you about important changes to the YouTube Terms."

Perhabs it's mandatory for all the e-mail addresses Google has scraped from the web?

Let me reply with:

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