CS:GO ESL Pro League

Astralis won their match against Aristocracy 2-0 as expected. The late match of the night is fnatic vs. North.

Starts approx 20:15 UTC

22:15:00 CEST (Central Europe)
16:15:00 EDT (New York)

Livestream (Youtube):


"Today they entered my house at dawn and knocked down the door while I was sleeping. They take me into detention without evidence. Being an opposition in a democracy cannot be a crime. It is not a democracy when political opponents are persecuted in this way," PabΓ³n said. video.


"We’ve got more than 2,000 injured, 1.000 prisoners, 10 killed ... 100 missing, we have had human rights violations, we ask for the resignation of Minister Romo and Minister JarrΓ­n, only then will we have peace and freedom," Ecuadorean Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie) President Jaime Vargas said, thanking all that joined the protests or helped those that came to Quito.


Spanish Court Sentences 9 Catalan Leaders to 13 Years in Jail

"Protesters blocked train and metro access to the Barcelona airport and others temporarily halted traffic on the A2 highway, as well as on several regional roads across Catalonia."


CS:GO ESL Pro League Group Stage 1 Overview 2019-10-14

Upcoming (UTC times):

2019-10-14 - Monday
16:25 Astralis vs Aristocracy
20:15 fnatic vs North

2019-10-15 - Tuesday
16:25 fnatic vs Aristocracy
20:15 Astralis vs North

2019-10-16 - Wednesday
16:25 Astralis vs fnatic
20:15 North vs Aristocracy

The danes from Heroic did it! Fucking crazy comeback. Swedish NiP at second place in the group continues to second group stage.

Next three days it'll be group C with the danish teams Astralis and North battling swedish fnatic and polish Aristocracy.

Heroic vs Sprout
Third and last map. Last round.

If Heroic win they win the group and go straight to finals. If they loose they get last place an relegation!


Systemd users scare me when they are dismissive of other init systems and suggest people "just go with this it works."

When someone is able to create systems with init systems other than systemd, but don't care to and don't provide support for others because "well it works for me, just switch" - they are working against all of our futures.

When alternatives are cut out from under you - it means control is being taken from you and put in the hands of others.

Those who would remove alternatives are never looking out for your interests.

Be sure whatever you produce is cross platform (even if you hate Windows like I do, you should be sure people who have no choice can still use your tools to escape tyranny) and doesn't lock anyone into one particular thing.

Support the BSD's. Support multiple init systems. Break systems that fight humanity.

This post brought to you by my fear of a dead planet.

WBAI radiostation hosting the 2600 radioshow Off The Hook is fighting the parent company Pacifica for survival.



More info on the latest (unaired) show of Off The Hook (9th Oct).



Starts now.

ESL Pro League Europe
20:00 UTC: BIG vs OpTic

The fight for third place to avoid knock out.

Looks like mousesports is going to beat FaZe 2-0 in tonights game in ESL Pro League Europe.

Second match BIG vs OpTic at 20:15 UTC.

Our first clandestine post-WBAI coup episode is now available for download. Hear what we sound like when we're free from FCC decency rules and pissed about having our radio station stolen from us – plus learn what the hacker community can do to help! download.2600.com/mediadownloa

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