The Corporate Bullshit Generator is a best-in-class, high-performance random text generator that is focused on corporate bullshit. It is able to produce, per second, 400 A4 full pages of inspired sentences like:

"Our turn-key branding strategy drives corporate, scalable, wide-ranging and profit-oriented idiosyncratic incentives."

- What do we want?!

It's the future baby, total bitchin encryption from a pharmaceutical salesman straight to you!

Okay yes I'm sorry Mr. Zombie, your delicious fleshy victims could probably also use Manyverse.

Seriously guys, remember to send me that pidgin okay?

Install Briar on your Android today, because you need to prep for zombie apocalypse.

Oh and please send me a carrier pidgeon! I don't have a smartphone.

I don't know who's the bigger baby the president or the balloon.

Apparently our prime minister calling his idea of buying a part of our home "absurd" is more offensive than the idea itself.

I'm so sad you won't be visiting us... oh look a balloon!

bsnes-plus v05 is (finally) now out! featuring a slick new debugger GUI with symbol/comment support, new sprite viewer and more. check the link for downloads, changelog and screenshots

What a silly website:
"You're blocking ads."

No, I'm not blocking ads I'm blocking javascript and third party domains.


I avoid password re-use by getting a new pet and naming each one a random 32-character string. But my house is overrun with cats.

Local mason is going to attempt to move the old lighthouse from 1899, Rubjerg Knude Fyr, 80m away from the coast in one piece, because of the eroding coastline. The attempt will be made in week 43 when preparations are finished.

Let's hope he'll succeed. I'm sceptical and it would be a disaster if anything happened, but I cross my fingers.

Race for Oceans combine cleaning danish coastlines with watersport, running and walk and talks. Event happens right now and ends the 22th of August in Skagen.

Participating is Plastic Change and Municipalities for Sustainable Seas (KIMO).

If you run a static website like me and on top of that handicap yourself by avoiding Javascript then having a toot button is tricky.

I barfed a PHP script called MIP (Mastodon Instance Portal) to redirect people to their instance. Made for weirdo simpletons like me.

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