🎊 Pacstall v1.7.1 Razzmatazz is released! 🎊

Check out the release notes at: github.com/pacstall/pacstall/r

Hello everyone!!

We're currently porting Pacstall to Python, and we're wondering if any of you would be interested in helping with that! We'd preferably like people who are skilled in Bash and Python.

We have an issue tracker if you are interested in helping: github.com/orgs/pacstall/proje

We are also planning to write our wiki using GitBook/ReadTheDocs. If anyone is interested with that, we'd appreciate your help!

Matrix: matrix.to/#/#pacstall:matrix.o
Discord: discord.com/invite/sWB6YtKyvW

@cobra sad to here. Hope it gets better though

@FisaCourtHoarder it could be better for me also. School just gets you sometimes


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