"Team Fediverse!" is now in the top 5% of the teams on Rosetta@home!


Rosetta@home is distributed computing project that aids scientist in the research against diseases. They are putting an extra effort against the covid19 outbreak and anyone with a computer can join in.

Does anyone here want a .monster domain?
linux.monster is currently owned by me for another 13 days, but I do not want it anymore.
If someone are interested in snagging it, I can send you the auth code.

It costs 15-16 USD / Year


My Rosetta@home stats after 36 hours. Won't catch up with @selea anytime soon though.

Online meetings?
You dont need to register on zoom or any non-free service. You can instead use Jitsi! - a open platform that you can host yourself!

Try it out at talk.snopyta.org/ - an instance hosted by @perflyst

OperationTulip and Covid19 

Question to our users 

Question to our users 

Everything is now connected and up and running - but we are not done yet!

Time to actually fall-over to the faster network

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This server is treated with a new 10Gbit NIC, together with the rest of the servers in the rack

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We will try posting pictures during the progress today for your enjoyment

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Network upgrade soon, and we do have a great plan in place that will reduce the downtime or disturbance of the service to 0!

Well, let's see if this works in practice...


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