I kind of like , but I'm bothered by the fact it is done by a tankie who deflects human-rights abuse as soon as it's done by an authoritarian regime he believes to be communist or anti-united-states.

To mass murder done by tankies he response with, "Imao sounds like we got the fuckin high score then u fuckin lib."

How is it possible that no one is bothered by that?
... I've never seen a discussion happening about that.

Is suitable for a Q&A community similar to stackoverflow?

We're up and running but the site is a bit slow right now during rebuild processes. We hope all is running well in some hours.

Never put your data into a program or service until you've verified that you can get it out.

Ceph is rebuilding. The problem boils down to hardware problems on a storagenode.

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So I finally took the time to take a walk in the middle of the night.
I was out between 23 and 3 AM.
It was'nt dark at all - one of the perks of living in Sweden. And it never went below 23 degrees either.

It was nice

The free account is just 2GB. The client on Windows is pretty annoying (I use it for work).

You can do better. I have an OwnCube account, there's also @operationtulip that's currently in beta (50 GB free for now I believe). Both are based on #NextCloud.

And no, I don't do marketing for them πŸ˜›. I'm sure there are others, it's just I only know of these two.

I started self-hosting my own Nextcloud instance. I already have 3 "customers" (family and friends). πŸ˜„

As some of you have already noticed - we do have some performance issues right now.

We are sorry for the problem it has and is causing for you

I have written a post about my first impression of the Pinebook Pro:


Feedback welcome!
Ofcourse, I am going to post more about the Pinebbok Pro in the future, so check out @jselea :blobeyes:

Turn out that only some servers where out of business, and nextcloud was not affected.


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We are experiencing a poweroutage...
We are investigating it

#KABIcloud (#Nextcloud) now comes with #BigBlueButton integration. It works wonderful together. Doing the authentication process via Nextcloud (users and guests).

Here is a free room that you may use for testing and talking:


Quick poll for our users: 

Where geographically are you located?

Quick poll for our users: 

Where geographically are you located?

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