So, a new day and a new social media experience. Looking forward to trying out Mastodon.

I love Linux though am far from an expert, even after about 4-5 years as my main daily desktop. But I like learning.

My main interests are in the area of tools for writing (Emacs/org-mode, pandoc, LaTeX) and music-making (LMMS and Ardour mostly).

I've also been trying to re-activate my long-dormant programming skills via Python. But, you know, work and stuff gets in way.

Anyway, pleased to be here!

And idk how tls or any auth that requires multiple back and forths would work. Content based addressing would prob really be needed. Which makes me wonder, was ipfs designed with this in mind?

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Maybe people change workflows too. Like before critical mass is acheived for caching, people would probably request a few articles, go away, and then read later.
Even when critical mass is acheived, for real time events like the news, the above would happen.

Has anyone done real research on how interplanetary internet access would work with those latencies?

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Update on the iMac G3 I mentioned: I took it apart up to the computer components(don't mess with the CRT display if you don't know what you're doing), and there was no physical damage as far as I can see. No water damage, no broken chips, nothing. After putting it all back together, there's now a whirring sound. It still isn't booting up, so I suspect that it's an issue with the HDD/BIOS. Oh dear god, I hope it wasn't a magnet.

~♡Hello World♡~

My name is Berry! It's very nice to meet you all! I'm here to learn Linux and Python so that I can better prepare for my dream career in Linux SysAdmin and Infrastructure! Here's to hoping we can be good friends! I'm also saving up for the equipment for a FireWire RAID server, and a Pocket C.H.I.P.! (And possibly to get an iMac G3 to a repair shop, I don't know what's going on with it but it refuses to boot.)


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