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Okay, what is foundkey? Did Johann fork Misskey or something?

>looking for tutorial on how to set up something
>they tell me to use this docker container
>immediately close the page

what are some key considerations for crowdsourcing copyrightable material for a thesis or publication?

my thesis concerns cafes, and I have this idea to ask people to send me cafe pictures from around the world, to supplement my introduction chapters.

is it sufficient to ask them to use some CC licence?

(how) can I include material with anonymous/pseudonymous authors?

how do you go about attributing these (in APA in particular)? "private correspondence?"

:boost_requested: pls

Ok, we are wrapping up now. Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in "Mastodon Hour" (and, yes, we hear those who have suggested other names, and will take your feedback into consideration, but for today, that is what we called it...) ✌️

The Windows to Linux to GNU/Linux to OpenBSD pipeline.

how do you pronounce "data"?

It's so nice to just program after re-organizing everything.

wikipedia editors excitedly waiting for the coroner to pronounce death, rushing to replace every "is" with "was"

Implementing something as simple as a markdown processor is surprisingly tricky.

Just use Python-Markdown...

I have to fast today so I am staying up until like sunrise so I can sleep for the day and not feel hunger

How well does Pleroma migrate from Mastodon? I don't expect it to copy messages or whatever but I do want it to copy the following users list.

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