@foxhkron @thor Thanks for enlightening me!

I did not know he was a transphobe.

Me clicking on the "I have read the privacy policy" checkbox knowing full I did not read the privacy policy and risk signing my human rights away to an offshore corporation.

Your IP address 

@bortzmeyer Ah yes, it's important to modernize IP loggers. Thank you.

@thor Pleroma devs think Alex is a pain in the ass to work with and have banned him from contributing.

I am sure I am missing something but I am not gonna dive deeper into drama.

Cold frozen icecream is perfect but melted ice cream is too sweet.


@kingannoy @anarchiv From my experience, the pin limit tends to be around 200dkk or 30 USD, anything higher than that we need to ask the customer to add a pin.

my heart is beating at 2000 BPM and I have discovered that doing something really intensive while being on the verge of passing out is not a good idea

But the idea of a git commit originating from "James Bond <james@bond.family>" just makes me laugh my ass off.

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Remember when the University of Minnesota was banned from contributing to the Linux kernel? Well it gets better!

None of the patches made it through by the way, partly because 2 of them were submitted under the name of "James Bond", 2 were caught and the maintainers had tried to lecture the authors, and one was submitted under a false name.

@anarchiv Hmm... Probably... But you need to get really close, the card needs to be 1 or 2 centimeters close for it to even detect the card.

Eh, this whole RFID thing looks more like marketing buzzword to get people excited than actual safety.

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