"Hm yes let's create a brand new programming language with no real innovations and market it as a general-purpose language"

And that's how ziglang was born...


To build it with cmake, you will need LLVM and 48 hours of Google-fu (or duckduckgo-fu) (or both, in my case) to find out why it won't compile or link even with the right libraries.

Oh and before you do any of that, you will need a 64bit (not 32bit) machine with more than 9.1 GBs of RAM.

If you somehow managed to install it then good luck! The language changes dramatically and you will have to update your packages eventually

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If you are stuck on compilling (like I am) then you will need to pray to the holy gods of computing, and re-read the compiling instructions

And somehow, you missed it, another git repo but with all of the right libraries, everything setup out of the box. How could you have missed it?

Spend the rest of the day wondering why you work with computers and why you bother with Ziglang!

And then compile riverwm

@oklomsy This is why I use nim, also, the syntax is way cleaner, I don't see what you get from zig that nim doesn't already support.

@sotolf I know, I unfortunately have to package it and I have been stuck for like 3 days.

@oklomsy Yeah, zig uses llvm and not normal c, so you can't really just compile it to c and package that like you can with nim.

@sotolf Nim is better but Riverwm is unfortunately written in Zig and Debian does not package Zig so I have to do it.

I could just install it but I don't want others to suffer from packaging the monstrosity that is Zig so I decided to package it at the last second

And also I do want to setup a secret debian repository, I don't want to build Zig everytime I re-install Debian

@oklomsy I've been looking at zig back and forth, but the syntax is so ugly, and it seems to be way lower level than what I need anyway.

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