"The education system is shoving Google propaganda down my children's throat!"

What they mean: Round Earth, Vaccines are safe, Q isn't real.

What I wish they meant: Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Windows, YouTube, Zoom etc.

@oklomsy So much this. Google classroom is everywhere even here in the Eurozone where the EU and (some) national courts hit Google privacy trespasses fairly hard.

It's a result of absent privacy regulations for pupils' and students' data, and outsourcing of schools' IT infrastructure. When I went back to Uni I found that everything ran off Gmail and Drive.

And here I was, thinking Google and YouTube were the main sources for their bullshit...

@oklomsy you can't escape the google, no matter what you do

@oklomsy you will live in the pod. you will own nothing. you will be tracked and you will be happy

You missed gmail, the thing that destroyed email for everyone
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