Contrary to popular belief, Linux is as user-friendly as Windows, if not more.

It's just that you're so used to Windows and don't want to learn Linux, no matter how easy it is.

@oklomsy A lot of the popular cultural beliefs about Linux are from decades ago, when those things were very true

@oklomsy I had my parents run Arch with kde3 for awhile years ago. Lasted about 6 years, until my Mom insisted on getting MS Money 😅 They didn't notice it until then, and it was easy for me to maintain, hardly had to do anything, and no viruses to clean up.

@oklomsy It depends on the system.
Trisquel, Ubuntu, Mint... are easy to use.
Guix, Arch... less so.

When people talk about "Linux", they talk about things that are shared by all these systems, like the command line, or the customization. This makes them seem complicated to use.

And since people compare Linux to Windows, it makes Linux seem like a single complicated OS, even though there are many distributions, some easier than others. The easy ones are those we should recommend, not "Linux".

@oklomsy this is so true. I've been using linux my whole life and I feel the same with windows. I could probalby learn it if I had/wanted to, but I don't.

@ravi That's great, can you mention me when it is done. Thanks.

@oklomsy *sigh* It's complicated.

Yes for the general user base one can argue "It's just another interface". But part of UX is also the easiness to pick things up on the go and motivate users to learn the UI. We are getting there, but that's something MacOS and Windows figured out thanks to marketing.

Further, and this is openly stated by DE developers, we are not as great with accessibility as we should be. And there inconsistency in out UI framework landscape doesn't help.

@oklomsy a good example that we can't just say "Users are too lazy" is ChromeOS. ChromeOS has managed to built a significant user base rather quickly, while not being on par with Windows or MacOS at all.

Of course MacOS and Windows aren't flawless. But for most people they are "good enough" that they are not motivated to move away, which means, unless the DE of your choice creates an experience that creates such an urge, nope, moving won't happen.

@sheogorath Yep, as nice as it would be for everyone to use Linux, that's not possible.

@oklomsy well, "not for everyone" vs "basically for no one except of …" is a big difference, and currently we are much closer to the latter than to the former.

ChromeOS has already overcome the size of the Desktop Linux user numbers and I guess SteamOS, in non-desktop mode, will do so as well.

Which is, speaking from the metrics, q quite clear indicator that we still have a long way to go with the Linux Desktop.

But we are getting there :)

@oklomsy linux is user friendly, it's just very picky about who it's friends are

@neXtTech I think I saw that on a shirt, might have to add it to my wishlist.

@oklomsy The main reason people are not using Linux is because Linux does not come pre-installed. If people have to install windows by themselves they won't do that too. For regular Linux users writing the iso to a flashdrive and booting into it is so easy and normal. Not for the regular computer user.

@oklomsy i think how android works is the future... common users actually dont need much .... a panel and a shell

@oklomsy my wife used win xp... now using manjaro... never looked back the things she do is windows not necesarry. But is just a mind set. But i think you stil need friends that can handle linux a bit.

@oklomsy I failed at learning windows. It may of been due to crappy old hardware, idk. (Or small brain) XFCE was like a breath of fresh air.

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