Apple should open source the unknown AirTag detection mechanism.

There is NO excuse to let people be tracked with your product just because they don't use an iPhone.

Context: People are finding AirTags in their belongings, they're scared of being tracked obviously and so Apple introduced a method to detect unknown AirTags! All good right? Except it's only available on the iPhone, there is an Android app but it should be open source so that other phones can adopt it!

@oklomsy @oklomsy If you buy a airtag to have it in your car in case of theft the thieve can find it and remove it with this app?

@oklomsy Apart from forcing people to buy an iPhone if they don’t want to be tracked… 🤔

@oklomsy Apple: *grunt* Not my problem. *rubs hands together trying to clean them of oodles of blood*

> just because they don't use an iPhone

or any phone, for that matter... opting out of carrying an electronic tag in the pocket shouldn't make one vulnerable to other electronic tags
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